Welcome to Big Iron Cerakoting

We are a full-service gun and accessory shop located in Northeast Pennsylvania. We specialize in Cerakote application but we also cater to all your firearms needs from new guns and accessories to customizing what you already have. The best way to see our latest work is to follow us on Facebook and Instagram @BigIronCerakotingInc.

We are also now a preferred applicator for Gun Candy!

This clear coat additive is an awesome option to add a more vibrant and unique color to your cerakote work while still maintaining the durability and protection that traditional cerakote provide. Many examples of the finished product are available on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

You can check out some of the colors/tints available here. Gun Candy Colors

Not a social media fan? We’ve got you covered. The albums above have photos of our work and you’ll always find our monthly special at the bottom of this page. You can also enter your email on the right to subscribe to any further updates and promotions.

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